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Eilat holidays

If you are looking for guaranteed sunshine all year long, beautiful beaches, astonishing natural attractions and unlimited day and night entertaining opportunities, then the answer is simple: Eilat Holidays. Situated in the northern side of the Red Sea and just a short distance from the border with Jordan and Egypt, this Israeli city has a lot to offer. During your Eilat holidays you would be able to choose from a broad range of activities: spend your days sunbathing on its world famous beaches, visiting the renowned Underwater Observatory Marine Park, or discovering the sea hidden treasures, the possibilities are endless.


Looking for things to do in your Eilat holidays? Some of the city’s main attractions include:

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park

A ‘live aquarium’ where the exhibits are ever-changing. Descend a six metre shaft to viewing rooms surrounded by natural coral reef. 35 traditional aquariums help you to learn more about the marine life including sharks, stingrays, turtles, sea horses and colourful tropical fish.

Dolphin Reef

If swimming with dolphins is on your to do list during your Eilat holidays this is the perfect place. Hang out on the floating piers and the dolphins will appear to show you some tricks or nudge your feet. You can also do a snorkel and view the dolphins underwater.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve

The best place for scuba diving, just hire a snorkel, mask and flippers, walk along the pier and you’ll find shallow warm water. Even from the piers you will see plenty of bright fish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, groupers, wrasse, lionfish, even turtles and rays regularly put in an appearance.


The Red Sea boasts one of the world richest concentrations of tropical fish, together with excellent visibility and water a constant 20°C you'll be itching to dive right in. During your Eilat holidays you can even find out if the sport's for you on a test dive, calm waters make it a great place to learn.

Sightseeing & tours

Soaking up sunshine is maybe your priority during your Eliat holidays but you'll find plenty to tempt you from your lounger.

Timna park

The place to experience the rugged beauty of the vast Negev desert! You’ll be wowed by colourfully striped sandstone and the dramatic results of erosion, including the much-photographed Mushroom Rock and Solomon’s Pillars.

Kibbutz Yotvata tour

Israel's collective communities (Kibbutzim) are world famous. Kibbutz Yotvata - the oldest and largest of the Arava - began supplying milk to Eilat in the early 60s and is now responsible for more than half of national milk production. You shouldn´t miss the opportunity to have a taste of the Kibbutz's famous ice-cream during your Eilat Holidays.

Day or overnight tours

The Dead Sea & Masada: The minerals of the Dead Sea are renowned for their medical and beauty properties.

Jerusalem: Jerusalem is an important centre for several faiths and whether or not you share them you can appreciate its historic and cultural significance.
Petra: The Jordanian border is only minutes from Eilat, making a side trip to spectacular Petra a surprisingly easy add-on to your Eilat holidays. The ancient capital of the Nabateans was recently voted onto a list of the ‘new' Seven Wonders of the World.

Nightlife & shopping


There are several malls to tempt you during your Eilat holidays; the most popular is Mall Ha-Yam, located right on the seafront.


You will find a host of different cultures represented in Eilat, from Italian or Japanese to French or Lebanese. Make sure you try falafels and kebabs (known locally as shwarma).


You'll find pubs and nightclubs, some with live entertainment or karaoke, in hotels and opposite the Mall Hayam shopping centre.