Frequently Asked Questions about Leonardo AdvantageCLUB and Miles & More

Loyalty Program Leonardo AdvantageCLUB

1. How can I become a Leonardo AdvantageCLUB member?
Simply register online on the Leonardo Hotels Website. The Leonardo AdvantageCLUB membership is free of charge.

2. What happens after the registration?
You will receive a welcome e-mail which includes an activation link. By clicking on this link you can complete the activation of your member account and you will be able to log-in on the Leonardo Hotels website afterwards.

3. What happens if I lose or forget my password?
Click on “Forgot your password?” below the login box on the Leonardo Hotels website and you will receive a link via e-mail to reset your password.

4. How can I amend my details?
You can amend all your details under the “My Account” tab.

5. How can I earn points?
Once you registered, you automatically earn points for every eligible reservation in a participating Leonardo Hotel. The following hotels are not participating in Leonardo AdvantageCLUB: Leonardo Hotel & Residenz Leipzig, SENTIDO Cypria Bay by Leonardo, Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort, and Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa. Points will be credited only for bookings made via your Leonardo AdvantageCLUB account on the website, through our central reservation offices, directly at the hotel or travel agencies using a GDS system directly connected to Leonardo Hotels.

6. Can I collect points by booking a Leonardo Hotel through any other website or through a third party?
No, you only earn points for stays booked through the Leonardo Hotels homepage, Leonardo Hotels central reservation offices, directly at the hotel or travel agencies using a GDS system directly connected to Leonardo Hotels.

7. I just joined the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB but stayed at a participating hotel shortly prior to my registration. Can I earn points for that stay?
No. Points cannot be earned for stays prior to your registration and account activation.

8. How do I redeem points?
To redeem points, sign in to your Leonardo AdvantageCLUB account. Please keep in mind that the number of points to redeem can vary depending on the hotel category, period of stay and room category. Only full reservations can be paid by points. A partial redemption is not possible. In order to redeem points you have two options:

  1. By clicking on the button “Redeem points” on your account. Fill in all relevant data within the booking engine on top (hotel, the period of stay, and so on) and proceed by clicking on “Search”. On the result page, you will see the number of points that need to be redeemed for this specific reservation. In case your points do not cover the reservation in full the result page will show the regular price.
  2. During a regular booking, while being logged in to your member account, you will be given the option to pay using your points within the payment section. This option is however only given if the total collected points can cover the reservation completely. In case you do not have enough points to redeem, you have to proceed with the regular method of payment.

9. How can I check my collected or redeemed points?
You can log-in to your account at any time using your log-in details on the Leonardo Hotels Website. The “My History” tab provides an overview of all collected and redeemed points and shows the current confirmed point balance.

10. When do my points expire?
Current rule, starting from 1st of January 2016:

  • Points remain valid within the member account 18 months after the last check-out.
  • Every new eligible reservation that checks-out within these 18 months extends the validity of all other points according to the last check out date.
  • Expired points cannot be re-instated and points cannot be transferred to another member account.

Until 31st December 2015, the following expiration rule was in force:

  • In case of no further credit within one year, the most recent collected points expired.
  • For a new check-out within one year, the validity of existing points was extended to a maximum total of 3 years.

11. Can I earn points for two or more reservations made for the same time frame?
The member is entitled to earn points only for one room, specifically for the room in which the member has stayed. The same principle is valid for the discount. When booking two rooms for the same time frame you can get the discount only for the first room booked.

12. Can I get the discount for multiple reservations if I already have a reservation for the same period?
No, the discount will be applied only to the first room booked.

13. How can I cancel a reservation within my member account?
Within your member account under the „My Reservations“ tab you find a list of all your reservations connected to your member account. All upcoming reservation made via the website can be cancelled by clicking on the “Cancel” button. In case of any question, you can also contact the reservations department of the specific hotel.

14. I can not see all of my reservations and their corresponding points within my account. How can this be fixed?
Please contact the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB Support Team via the contact form on the website. We will check your member account and apply all necessary corrections.

15. I tried to log in several times but I receive an error that my e-mail is not recognized. What can I do?
Please make sure that your membership has been confirmed and activated through the link received within your welcome e-mail. Once your membership is activated you can log in using the credentials chosen upon your registration.

16. I do not have any access to the e-mail address I have used for my AdvantageCLUB registration and forgot my password. How can I get access to my member account?
Please contact the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB Support Team via the contact form on the website. After a successful re-check of the details saved within your account (address, birthday, phone number so on) we can assist by updating your e-mail address within the member account.

Collecting Reward Miles with “Miles & More”

1. How can I earn Reward Miles for a booking made in one of the Leonardo Hotels?
To earn Reward Miles for a qualifying stay at Leonardo Hotels you need to be a Leonardo AdvantageCLUB member, as well as a member of Miles & More. You can register to Leonardo AdvantageCLUB for free online on the Leonardo Hotels Website. During the registration choose the earning preference “Miles”, providing your frequent flyer card number. If you are already a member collecting AdvantageCLUB points but wish to collect Miles & More Reward Miles in the future, you need to log-in in your member account and change your earning preference through the “My Account” tab.

The rules for eligible reservations remain the same as for an AdvantageCLUB membership with earning preference points.

2. How can I change my earning preference in my account?
While being logged-in you can choose to earn points or miles by clicking on the “My Account” tab. Kindly note that a change will be valid for all your upcoming reservations.

3. Can I earn both AdvantageCLUB points and Reward Miles for the same stay?
No, as a member you can not earn both AdvantageCLUB points and Miles & More Rewards Miles for the same stay. The preference can be changed before any given stay by updating your membership profile online. A conversion from previously collected points to Reward Miles is not possible and vice versa. The newly chosen preference will be valid for all future bookings.

4. How many Reward Miles do I get if I decide to collect “Miles”?
For each qualifying stay at Leonardo Hotels in Europe and Israel, you will earn 500 Reward Miles, except for the following hotels: Leonardo Hotel & Residenz Leipzig, SENTIDO Cypria Bay by Leonardo, Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort, and Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa. Consecutive stays at the same hotel will count as one stay and will only be credited 500 miles once.

5. Where can I see how many Reward Miles I have collected so far in my member account?
Under the “My History” tab you have an overview of the collected AdvantageCLUB points and Reward Miles.

6. When will the Reward Miles be transferred to my “Miles & More” account?
The Reward Miles will be transferred automatically to your frequent flyer account within four to six weeks after your check-out. Please contact our Leonardo AdvantageCLUB Support Team via the contact form on the website in case your Reward Miles have not been transferred within this period.

7. I am not a member yet but I already stayed at Leonardo Hotels a few times in the past. Can I receive miles for stays prior to my registration?
No. Reward Miles can be not be credited if you have not been registered to our Leonardo AdvantageCLUB prior to your check out.

8. I have tried to update my Miles & More number within my member account. When re-checking after I saved the number my AdvantageCLUB member ID is shown. What can I do?
Please contact the AdvantageCLUB Team to re-check your Miles & More number. We currently have a display issue on our website, which will be corrected soon.