Frequently Asked Questions about Leonardo AdvantageCLUB and Miles & More

Loyalty Program Leonardo AdvantageCLUB

1. How can I become a Leonardo AdvantageClub member?
Simply register online by filling the form on our Leonardo AdvantageCLUB page. The Leonardo AdvantageCLUB membership is completely free of charge.

2. What happens after the registration?
After the registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail including your account details: member ID, user and password.

3. What happens if I lose or forget my password?
Click on “Forgotten Password” below the login box on the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB page and your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

4. How can I earn points?
After your registration, you automatically earn points for every reservation in a participating Leonardo Hotel. Points will be awarded for bookings made through the Leonardo Hotels Homepage, Leonardo Hotels central reservation offices or directly at the hotel. Points always get confirmed after check-out at the hotel. Please note that by booking online while being logged into your AdvantageCLUB account points will be credited automatically after check-out.

5. How do I redeem points?
To redeem points, sign in to your Leonardo AdvantageCLUB account, check the required points for the requested reservation and book your stay by clicking on the “Redeem points” button.

6. Can I collect points by booking a Leonardo Hotel through any other website or through a third party?
No. You only earn points for stays booked through the Leonardo Hotels Homepage (or while being logged into your AdvantageCLUb account), Leonardo Hotels central reservation offices or directly at the hotel.

7. I just joined the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB but stayed at a participating hotel shortly prior my registration. Can I earn points for that stay?
No. Points can not be earned for all stays prior to registration.

8. How can I check my collected or redeemed points?
Sign in to your account at any time with your registered e-mail and password on the Leonardo AdvantageCLUB page. Under the “My points” section you will find an overview of all collected/ cancelled/redeemed points as well as your current confirmed point balance.

9. When do points expire?
Points are valid for 1 year. If a member generates a transaction within the next 365 consecutive days after check out the previous points will be extended for 2 years and the new points generated with the new stay will be valid 1 year.

Starting from January 1st, 2016 our guests, who choose to stay with us more often, will be rewarded by extending their point validity. All points remain valid for 18 months following the last check-out date. If the member does not stay at any of the participating hotels during this 18-month period, all points accumulated in a member account will be lost without notice and without the possibility of restoring or converting them.

10. How can I amend my details?
You can easily amend all your details under the “My Profile” section available in your AdvantageCLUB member account.

Collect award miles with Miles & More

1. How can I earn miles with Miles & More for my booking at a Leonardo Hotel?
Pre-requisites for miles awarding is the membership to the frequent flyer program Miles & More as well as the membership and account activation to the loyalty program Leonardo AdvantageCLUB. You can earn miles by selecting “Miles” as earning preference while being logged into your personal Leonardo AdvantageCLUB member account. Please remember that miles can be collected for direct reservations made via Leonardo Hotels official website, phone, e-mail, fax or central reservation offices.

2. How do I change my earning preference?
To change your earning preference please sign into your Leonardo AdvantageCLUB account and go to “My Account” where you will be able to select between points or miles for all your future stays.

3. Can I earn points and miles at the same time?
No. Your Leonardo AdvantageCLUB account will match your points or mileage earning preference. In case you change your mind over time, you can switch from one to the other at any time before a given stay, by updating your earning preferences under „My Account” while being logged into your personal profile. Previous earnings will not be converted to the new currency.

4. If I choose to earn miles, how many miles will I earn?
You will collect 500 miles for any qualifying stay at any participating Leonardo Hotels in Europe and Israel, except for the following properties: Leonardo Hotel & Residenz Leipzig, Holiday Inn Düsseldorf Airport-Ratingen and Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport North. Several consecutive nights (even if booked separately) count as one single stay and will be eligible for a one-time 500 miles.

5. How will I keep track of the points or miles I earned?
Under “My History” section of your personal member account you will find all the information regarding your earnings, as well many additional details.

6. How will my award miles be transferred to my Miles & More member account?
Once your miles reward will be requested, the mileage will be transferred to your frequent flyer account after check-out. The miles earned shall be credited to the frequent flyer member’s account within four to six weeks after checking-out for your qualifying stay.

7. I am not yet a member but I have been staying at your hotels for quite some time now. Can I earn miles for those stays?
Unfortunately no. Miles cannot be credited retroactively for stays prior to the registration to the loyalty program.