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Leonardo Hotel Negev

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Beer Sheva as the capital city of Negev is situated only 45 minutes drive from Tel Aviv and 50 minutes from the Dead Sea. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Beer Sheva and its Beer sheva hotels offer the opportunity to visit several famous historical sites. Take the alternative view to the past in the attractive and historical sites of Beer Sheva such as the old city, Tel Sheva Archaeological Park, Abraham’s Well, Israel Air Force Museum and the Bedouin Market. Beer Sheva features a variety of activities such as night clubs, student’s pubs, theatre and a Shopping mall. The Leonardo Hotel Negev as one of the Beer sheva hotels is located a few steps from the museums, the academic places and institutions such as the major university – Ben Gurion University of Negev and the Soroka Hospital. Beer Sheva provides a pleasant place in the heart of the desert and a great vacation for the whole family as many famous sights are centrally located here.

Discover Beer Sheva & Beer sheva hotels

Shopping in Beer Sheva

Stay in the Beer sheva hotels and start your shopping trip with a worthy visit to the Bedouin Market. The market provides a wide variety of shopping such as clothes, food, flowers, electronics and more combined with the sound and the flavours of the Middle East. Enjoy the pedestrian mall in the center of the Old City area and the Negev shopping mall.

Cuisine of Beer Sheva & Beer sheva hotels

Discover the unique opportunity to dine in a Bedouin tent and taste the local delicacies. Restaurants with a Middle Eastern cuisine are available near the Leonardo Hotel Negev and provide an international cuisine in addition.

Sightseeing near by Beer sheva hotels

Abraham’s well

In the heart of the desert of Beer Sheva and its Beer sheva hotels two historical wells are located which were used by the Bedouins as a water pump in the past.

Israel Air Force Museum

A few minutes drive from the Leonardo Hotel Negev to Kibbutz Hatzerim visitors will admire the airplanes and helicopters exhibitions and commercial aviation which were used by the Israeli Air Force in the last years.

The Old Turkish Town

The Old Town of Beer Sheva gives a special taste to Negev's capital. The low desert style buildings with the narrow alleys, offer a different view of architecture and culture. The Old City became a part of the Negev Museum and Beer sheva hotels during the last years.

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

The university was established with the purpose to develop the capital of Negev, Beer Sheva. Israel's First Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion believed that the future of the country lay in this desert region. Today the Ben Gurion University is a major center for teaching and researches with over 20.000 students enrolled in faculties such as Engineering Sciences, School of Business and Management and the School of Advanced Graduate Studies. The National Institute for Biotechnology is also part of the University. This institution is a world leader in parched area research and offers its expertise to many developing countries.

Teel Sheva Archaeological Park

As the largest Archaeological Park in Israel, the excavations site in Beer Sheva presents the exhibition of objects which were man made in the Byzantine period. The Park became well known also because of the monument which is commemorating the spirit of the Negev military campaign that beat the Egyptians in the war of independence. The Leonardo Hotel Negev as one of the Beer sheva hotels is situated just a short drive from this antique site.
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