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Switzerland Hotels

Switzerland as one of the most beautiful countries has much to offer. Explore the Switzerland hotels and experience the beauty of the snowy Alps, the extensive vegetation, the impressive waterfalls, and the peaceful inhabitants which enable a warm welcome to Switzerland.
Switzerland is well-known for its high-quality watch industry, yodeling, midget gardens, tasteful cheese & chocolate and its plentiful culture. Various Switzerland hotels offer all kinds of hospitality options for every need or budget and are close to the famous Swiss attractions.


Switzerland is known to respect schedules, cleanliness and comfort which are just few of the prominent characteristics of its transport system which consists of buses, trains, sea craft, and roadways. As Switzerland is a tiny country there is no need to spend hours of driving to reach one of the Switzerland hotels which are centrally located through the whole country.



When choosing one of the Switzerland hotels, do not pass up the option of staying in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. Zurich is known as the intellectual and cultural capital of the country. Zurich provides all commerce and cultural life of the country. Recently the city was classified as place No. 1 in terms of quality of life. As a huge bustling metropolis, rich in a variety of urban experiences, maintaining a quiet sanity, Zurich offers a winning combination for all tourists.
Zurich combines a rich history and many antiquities as well as great shopping possibilities. Famous boutiques in Zurich are "hidden" in the narrow lanes by the river Bahnhofstrasse and antique shops are scattered in almost every corner of the city center. Regular opening hours of shops in Zurich are weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Most places are closed on Sundays.
Of all the cities in Switzerland, the night life of Zurich is the most active and varied one. An abundance of clubs, pubs, theater, and opera can be found in the area of Niederdorf. During the day, this is a pedestrian zone and a shopper's paradise with loads of boutiques hidden away in a patchwork of alleys. At night, many bars, restaurants and street artists turn Niederdorf into an exciting entertainment centre for a colorful public. It is recommended to arrange accommodations at one of the Switzerland hotels in this area for a quick turn in after a night of partying. Nevertheless any of the Switzerland hotels in Zurich is just a taxi ride away. The Leonardo Hotel Rigihof Zürich as one the hotels in Zurich is a recommendable hotel for a beautiful stay in Zurich.
Be sure to visit the old town of Zurich which is next to the Limmat river. The old town is divided into west and east. Between Bahnhofstraße and the left bank of the Limmat, Lindenhof is located with beautiful views over the old town. It is a maze of colorful narrow lanes with tons of personality. Two nights in one of the comfy Switzerland hotels in Zurich may not be enough to discover the beauty of this city.


Geneva is situated between the Jura mountain range and the Alps in the west of Lake Geneva. Take your time to discover the Capital of Peace and stay at least one night at one of the Switzerland hotels. Quays, lakeside promenades, parks, elegant stores, lively streets and alleyways in the old part of town are worth a visit. The city created a very special atmosphere with beautiful gardens, colorful picturesque houses, intimate lanes, and of course the huge fountain in Geneva Lake. The United Nations is located in Geneva making it a cosmopolitan center always full of visitors from different countries providing their diplomatic splendor.
The most prestigious shopping area in Geneva is Rue du Rhône with a long row of exclusive brand name boutiques. One block away, before the entrance to the old city, a less expensive shopping area is located.
For a small town, the night life of Geneva is highly impressive and there are many restaurants of varied cuisine in Geneva and the "Chef's Special" is available in almost every kitchen. Spoil yourself with a great meal and some pampering in any one of the fine Switzerland hotels afterwards. Geneva is well-known as the “City of Parks” and has many to explore: Bastions Park, botanic gardens, the English Garden, Eaux Vives Park, Le Grange Park and the Alpin Garden.
Switzerland has so much to offer, not only in the main cities, but also the smaller ones. Switzerland hotels, as well as the Swiss tourist bureau, provide a huge offer of information about special events and attractions all over Switzerland. In July of each year, over 220,000 spectators attend the Montreux Jazz Festival in the magnificent Stravinski Auditorium, in the Miles Davis Hall and in the Casino with an amazing atmosphere.

The variety of Switzerland Hotels ensures that every tourist will find what he needs in order to make his next trip to this country an unforgettable one.

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