New advertising campaign

Leonardo Hotels launches new advertising campaign: »For everyone, who is anywhere, we are now everywhere.«

Berlin, April 2013 – After the spectacular acquisition of 20 hotels in Germany (former QMH Germany), Leonardo Hotels is launching a new advertising campaign. With the slogan »For everyone, who is anywhere, we are now everywhere.«, the hotel group wants to outwardly convey the company philosophy and further strengthen brand awareness and, especially, location expansion.

Leonardo Hotels make up the European division of the Fattal Hotels Group, founded in 1998 by David Fattal in Israel. Leonardo Hotels have been represented also on the European market since 2007, with more than 80 hotels in Israel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Hungary. All across Europe, Leonardo Hotels are known for their superb locations in attractive destinations as well as for their distinctive ambience, individual design and atmosphere. Each Leonardo Hotel has its very own regional character that symbolizes the strong relation between the hotel and its location. With its new advertising campaign – »For everyone, who is anywhere, we are now everywhere.« - the hotel chain is following the call of its guests for a regionally stronger presence in many new destinations, as well as for individuality.

Daniel Roger, General Manager of Leonardo Hotels Europe, emphasises: »Our goal is to convey to the guest that our hotels are represented in all attractive locations. That we do not work according to a standardised hotel concept but act in a charming, obliging, friendly and clever way. In doing so, we are always inspired by the desires and needs of our guests and adapt our services to the specific needs of our guests – this is how concepts such as »women friendly rooms«, special rooms for travelling business women, or »brain break rates« for event guests were developed.«

The advertising campaign has been launched in several different formats in print, on billboards, and POS across Germany.

Leonardo Hotels is the European division of Fattal Hotels, founded in 1998 by David Fattal. In addition to its hotel locations in Israel, the company has also been active in the European market since 2007 and currently operates over 30 hotels in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary, with other attractive European sites to be added soon. The company head office is in Berlin, Germany.

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