Leonardo Academy

„Starting here, sky’s the limit“

Leonardo Hotels is interested in growing personal skills of our young talents, as well as our experienced leaders in different development programs. Within the proprietary Leonardo Academy the 2.500 employees have the chance to lay the foundation for their personal evolvement and for further career opportunities. The principle is very easy: applying to the responsible human resources or general manager – talking about aims and potentials – starting. Usually, your access is possible after having finished your probation period.

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Below, you can check the different program procedures.

Development programs

Youngster program

The youngster program is addressing young employees who are about to start their career. It contains trainings to develop working techniques and conversational skills, as well as career planning and a (voluntary) stay in another hotel of our group.

Management program

The management program is addressing young leaders on the first management level (shift leader, supervisor, team leader) and their deputies. It contains trainings to learn and deepen leading and communicating techniques and a (voluntary) stay in another hotel of our group, mentoring).

Expert program

The expert program is addressing experienced leaders on a higher management level. It contains trainings to deepen management methods (case studies, peer to peer consulting with colleagues, personnel selection procedures, staff evaluation, stay in another hotel, coaching).

Sales programs

For our sales colleagues we set up a particular, multistage program which corresponds to their special needs and which opens up to specific development opportunities.

Junior sales program

Within the scope of our junior sales program, the employees participate in trainings which enable them to create a solid basis for their sales activities. Besides the brand philosophy of Leonardo Hotels, they focus on getting to know and deepening sales methods as well as their individual motivation.

Senior sales program

The participants of our senior sales program are sales managers who learn more about techniques to help them optimize their day-to-day-work and their customer contacts. They attend trainings dealing with customer analysis, customer relationships, self management, goal setting and achieving, as well as rhetorical skills.

Sales management program

The sales management program focuses on experienced directors of sales and contains trainings to deepen existing knowledge of sales and leadership. Besides self motivating techniques, they deal with methods of efficient communication, conflict management and problem analysis. The program is completed by a workshop about creative working and change management.

Should none of the three programs be suitable for our employee, we set up in agreement with the candidate and his supervisor for an individual development program.

In addition, we offer several open training sessions. Besides interdisciplinary seminars in the fields of communication or leadership skills, we also realize 30 different job specific trainings, such as upselling in F&B, business etiquette, service orientation and telephone skills.

Voice of one of our Leonardo Academy participants:

Yannick G., Expert program:
“The expert program was based on our personal need to enhance our hospitality comprehension. It not only created the possibility to grow in our current jobs at that time, it also opened doors for those who were ambitious to grow within the company.”