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In recent years, Bat Yam has attracted more and more travellers’ attention with its beautiful white sandy beaches and exciting water activities. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and south of Tel Aviv, Bat Yam is an excellent place for leisure and a relaxing vacation. A newly established promenade standing by the beaches offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars with an Israeli cuisine and exotic drinks. The Leonardo Suite By The Beach is only footsteps away from the Bat Yam Beach, which provide a full set of services and numerous water sport activities. Many Bat Yam hotels offer great local Jewish as well as international restaurants with direct access to the beach. Besides the short distance to Tel Aviv, the city of Old Jaffa is also nearby. With its historic harbor and the mysterious alleys surrounded by ancient buildings, it is worth a visit.

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Shopping in Bat Yam

The growing tourist industry influences many worldwide fashion firms to establish their fashion brands in Bat Yam. The Bat Yam Mall next to the beach area, includes 150 shops with international and domestic brands to ensure an exciting shopping trip. The Bat Yam hotels are situated within a distance of 2 km from the Bat Yam Mall, where events and shows are held for adults and children on a regular basis.

Cuisine of Bat Yam & Bat Yam Hotels

Stylish restaurants and cafés were established in the promenade. In the day and evening visitors and locals come for the delicious Israeli cuisine. “Gargirim”, an Israeli restaurant and bar offering traditional Hummus, is popular among tourists as well as the locals. The restaurant “El Gaucho” serves delicious barbecue daily. The café “Kapulski” has a sunny terrace with a restaurant serving Mediterranean Kosher dishes.

Sde Dov Airport & Ben Gurion Airport

From the Bat Yam hotels it is easy to access both airports. The largest airport of Israel, Ben Gurion Airpot is only about 13 km away. Sde Dov Airpot, mainly serving domestic flights, is around 10 km away from the Leonardo Hotel Bat Yam.

Beaches in Bat Yam

Bat Yam is well-known for its wonderful white sandy beaches which are a great attraction to tourists and locals. Along the coastline the city contains several beaches, some with entrance fees, fewer are accessible for public free of charge. Jerusalem Beach, the Rock Beach and the Example beach are just few famous beaches well equipped with a full set of services. Private beaches and hotel owned beaches are available to meet the expectation of each guest.

Sightseeing near the Bat Yam hotels

Museums in Bat Yam

The Bat Yam City Museum ‘Ben Ari’ and Bat Yam Art Museum exhibit with a sophisticated art collection. The Ryback Museum contains a painting collection by the famous painter, Issachar ber Ryback whereas the Holocaust Museum shows the history and culture of the Jewish society. The Bat Yam hotels are pleased to assist visitors with more information.

Water Sports

Bat Yam is a beach town. The water temperature is kept around 18 degree and visitors have the opportunity to try a variety of water sports: windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, etc.

Bloomfield Stadium

The Bloomfield Stadium, with a capacity of 17,500, is the home stadium of Hapoel Tel Aviv. Many concerts and events are regularly held in the Bloomfield Stadium. The Leonardo Bat Yam hotels have a desirable distance of 4 km from the Bloomfield Stadium.
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