How to join

There are many ways to join the Leonardo family. We are open to all candidates on different levels of their career with passion for hotel industry and tourism. Even though industry-specific qualifications facilitate your access, we also welcome career changers with experience in hotels, gastronomy or tourism.

In the following, you find details about different ways of entry as apprentice, university student, graduate, expert or manager. In our application guide we offer you some advices for a successful application.


What are you dreaming of? Welcoming guests? Organizing events? Managing a restaurant? Caring for room cleaning? Leading a hotel? An international career? To realize such dreams you should do one of the various apprenticeships we offer:

  • Hotel specialist: you get to know all departments of a hotel and you are a real all-rounder – e.g. our reception, reservation, restaurant or housekeeping.
  • Hotel trader: you get to know all departments of a hotel, focusing commercial areas like accounting or purchasing.
  • Restaurant specialist: as a warm and friendly host you anticipate the wishes of our guests before they are talking about them, you advise and serve them competently regarding their choice of food and beverages.
  • Cook: you prepare sophisticated meals, present them creatively and create the menu card as well as you develop new menus. On long working days, your performance rises to top form.
  • Event manager: you plan events for our guests and business clients and you design appealing advertisement concepts for different events. You always have an eye on your budget.
  • Housekeeper: you arrange smooth processes in the entire hotel through (due to) cleaning laundry, providing all commodities and respecting important guidelines, laws such as “Arbeitsschutzgesetz”.

To find out more about the different apprenticeships in hotel industry you can check BERUFENET of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

To join us by being an apprentice, you should be motivated to daily meet various and interesting people from all over the world. You should also be flexible regarding your working hours. Required is a completed school education with an internship or a trial day in hotel industry. To apply for an internship you can hand in your written application documents including your preferred departments in the hotel of your choice.

Within the 3 years of apprenticeship, you can expect:
  • professional support
  • a dual system divided in a theoretical and a practical part
  • regularly apprentice open talks
  • additional qualifications like our “up to the top” program
  • a companywide annual apprentice competition
  • the chance to get to know another hotel of our chain in Germany or Europe
  • and: numerous development opportunities after finishing your apprenticeship!

For more information please check our apprenticeship concept. Please apply online for our apprenticeship positions till 31st of January of each year. Download your guideline for a successful application now.

Dual university program

For all of you who strive for a university diploma and who want to gain practical experience at the same time we offer a dual university program in cooperation with the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR) in Berlin, as well as with other partner academies. It is a business administration program focusing on tourism or services management.

Our dual university program is the right choice for you if you have a hand on mentality, as well as ambitious aims for your career. We bear your study fees and your company related travel expenses. In addition, we pay a monthly pocket money. The conditions for participating in our university program are a university entrance qualification and a completed apprenticeship in the hotel industry.

After having finished our university program the whole professional world will be open to you: if you prefer to be in personal contact with our intercultural guests and if you never lose your smile, you will feel at home in our operational departments, such as reception, banquet or regional sales department. If you like to stay behind the scenes, to guarantee smooth processes within the hotel and to develop strategies how to be even more successful in the future, you should consider working in our head office in Berlin. You are also free to start an international career. Due to our expansion, we are continuously adding new European destinations to our portfolio.

Download your guideline for a successful application now.

From autumn 2019 we are going to offer a new study programme B.A. Culinary Management in cooperation with the IUBH in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. First information can be found here. (available in German only)

In case of any question regarding our university program, please don’t hesitate to contact our regional human resources managers:

Head Office Berlin: Renate Roth
Cluster North: Sven Konzan (Hamburg),
Helmut Passenheim (Hannover),
Franziska Weigelt (Wolfsburg)
Cluster East: Kathrin Fließ
Cluster NRW: Mandy Kleemann
Cluster West: Theresa Geiß
Cluster Frankfurt: Eduardo do Nascimento
Cluster South: Yvonne Schmitt
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Internship / Traineeship

Students have the chance to get to know possible fields of work by doing an internship. Having finished your studies you can get an impression of the Leonardo family by doing a traineeship. The contents of a voluntary or compulsory internship during your studies depend on your study regulations, as well as our capacities of support. Basically, we can imagine an employment in nearly every field. It should be discussed with the regional human resources department. For an internship you can hand in your written application documents including your preferred departments in the hotel of your choice.

From time to time, we also offer traineeships to graduates in the field of revenue management, Sales & Marketing. They are published in our apprenticeship positions . Please find out more about your responsibilities in the concrete job ad.

Direct entry

Graduates, experts and managers can find out more about our current vacancies in the following fields in our job board front office, housekeeping, bar, restaurant, kitchen, building services, reservation, sales, marketing, finance, revenue management, human resources and hotel management. Please find the requirements for each position in the concrete job ad.

Download your guideline for a successful application now.

We are far from being perfect and probably we never will be but we are constantly working on it. We analyze the feedbacks given on common online platforms and do exit interviews with each of our employee who is leaving us. We seriously pay attention to received criticism and take it as motivation to improve ourselves.

What remains to say is: the personal face to face impression counts! So, we sincerely invite you to get to know us better in person!