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Let's get sporty with Leonardo Hotels!

The dynamic team of Leonardo Hotels does not only provide gym facilities and wellness for the customers – it goes all sporty itself! This year, a team of Leonardo employees will participate in the Tel Aviv Half Marathon, on March 30th, 2012.

The Tel Aviv Half Marathon takes place every year in spring, and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore Tel Aviv in this beautiful season! The route goes through romantic southern Tel Aviv, continues through the famous shopping mile on Dizengoff Street, up north to the Tel Aviv Airport and Ramat Aviv, down through the blooming Yarkon Park and all the way on the Tel Aviv beach.

So, let's get sporty with Leonardo!

  The route
  • Start: Charles Clore Park- Botanical garden

  • Km 2-5: Rothschild Boulevard - Tel Aviv’s beautiful avenue

  • Km 4: Habima Theater - Home to the National Theatre Habima

  • Km 8: Leonardo Hotel Basel TLV & Herods Hotel TLV
  • Km 9-10: TLV Old Port – Restaurants, shops and clubs

  • Km 9-14: Yarkon Riverside - The beautiful banks of the Yarkon

  • Km 15-16: Rabin Platz - Rabin Square - Memorial   

  • Goal: Hassan Bek Mosque The most famous mosque in TLV

  Our goal - 21,1km!


  Red = Our route on March 30th 2012
  Blue = Latest training achievement of the Leonardo Team 

The Leonardo Diary

Day of Truth:

11:00  am - We DID it!!! Exhausted but HAPPY!

→ Ina, Kathrin, Livia, Sarah-Jane, Susi, Jean, Jürgen & Michael

7:30 am - Off we go!!!

Week of Half Marathon:

Bags are packed and the tension is rising - NOW OFF TO TEL AVIV!!!


7th training session:
Only one week to go - aaahhh! We cleared the last hurdle, and managed to run over 12 km – not quite 21 yet, but more than half of it! Anyway, no need to run it in advance, we will do the "21" in Tel Aviv :-)... Pleaseant anticipation... Berlin’s weather played along, being warmer than usual and almost Tel Aviv like – on our run we could enjoy the beautiful Berlin scenery – but we haven’t run next to any beach yet: for that, we’ll go next week to Tel Aviv! DO NOT FOREGT YOUR TRUNKS!

To sum up: We are ready!!!


6th Training Session:
Just one month to go! Slowly but steadily, we’re geting more and more excited regarding our “hiking” day. We have already strengthened the magical “10”th kilometer and now have a new goal for our training. This time, however, only the ladies were present. Some of you can probably imagine, how much chatter filled the streets of Berlin. A lot of fun in running - PRESENT, motivation - HUGE. YOOHOO!

We can only deduct: Fun + Motivation = Tel Aviv, here we come!

To sum up: Guys, we keep the flag flying!


5th Training Session:
We can do it! Do what? We have managed to pass the magical 10th kilometer and with it – half of the route. This time, we did not run in the Volkspark Friedrichshain, but instead through Prenzlauer Berg and all the way to Weißensee, before turning back to our home base, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin. There was a positive side effect: the non-Berliners in our team got to know another great part of the city! Why not mix business with pleasure? JUST PERFECT!

To sum up: We have made it to “10”, increased our motivation and had very nice “Sage Tea” in the Hotel Bar.


4th Training Session:
Same old...! We have met again to run around together, and leave the working day behind us. This time, however, the route seemed to have been easier. We warmed up with stretching, on the treadmill or the crosstrainer that overlooks Berlin’s Television Tower. Then, we went to the streets and to our route. The gents were first as usual, but the elegant ladies were not far behind. WE’LL GET YOU!

To sum up: It certainly starts moving!


3rd Training Session:
„Up, up, up!“ – this is the motto – whether in hotel management or in sport! Today, we should make it all the way to 8 km. No problem! After all, we are motivated and need to increase our fitness since Christmas. Please note this moment, before the Christmas goose took its toll! The plan is to do 8 kilometers. However, snow and mud on the route make it very difficult. We prefer to run slowly on the ground than on the wet asphalt. As the saying goes: Those who dare, win. Or, in our case: those who don’t train, would not win – and certainly not a half marathon with 25°C! PUUHH!

To sum up: Men are still faster, and the women are never bored with so many talks...


2nd Training Session:
After the first training, the second session started with a larger Leonardo group on the route! This time, 7 runners have undertaken the challenge to run in this weather. Even when a few prefered the cozy sofa at home… The goal was to make it to 6 km, so we can raise the bar next time – WE MADE IT!

To sum up: Men are running faster than women. Probably, because they don’t chatter the whole time...


1st Training Session:
Now we take our fun seriously – we had to start with the first training block! We chose to meet every week at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin. The hotel is right at the centre of Berlin and easy to reach from all directions. In addition, it is located right near the Volkspark Friedrichshain, which would serve as our outdoor training area. After a short warm-up we started right away – with motivation and a lot of élan in our legs! Our goal was to run the 3 km route around the park twice, and this was easily accomplished. HURRAY!

To sum up: The first training session for the TLV Half Marathon went better as expected! Our light feet shall carry us to the 2nd training block...