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The city of Weimar with its Weimar hotels was once home to Goethe, Liszt, Schiller and Bach. But it is not only the list of prominent composers that makes this destination attractive: Goethe House, Bauhaus Museum, Schiller House, Residential Palace and the Buchenwald Memorial are only some of the fascinating places of interest that can be discovered in this romantic picturesque town. The Leonardo Hotel Weimar as Weimar hotel is centrally located near the famous sights and enable a relaxed starting point.

Discover Weimar & Hotels Weimar

Shopping in Weimar

Enjoy a shopping trip through Weimar as a unique experience by the blend of culture, food, drink and several shops. A variety of shops are offered within the shopping malls, department stores and the pedestrian zone in Weimar’s town centre. As one of the hotels in Weimar the Leonardo Hotel Weimar is situated in proximity to the shopping highlights of Weimar.

Cuisine & Drinks

Weimar is considered the gourmet capital of Thuringia whose gastronomy provides something for every taste. Enjoy the local Thuringia cuisine such as Thuringia dumplings, onion and bacon pie or roast sausages or enjoy the gourmet gastronomy of Weimar.

Ilm Park Weimar

Goethe strongly influenced the design of the landscape park, which is a popular destination for locals and tourists. Today, there are traces of classical and post-classical times, with numerous characteristic lines of sight. The creative highlight is the Roman House. The Leonardo Hotel Weimar as well-known Weimar hotel is situated directly at the Ilm Park.

Weimar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The inscription of “Classical Weimar” in the World Heritage List comprises eleven buildings, including the homes of Goethe and Schiller, Belvedere Palace, or the Ilm Park. Several restored historic monuments pay homage to the home of famous poets and the architectural, urban and landscape achievements of this Weimar Classical period.

Sightseeing near the Hotels Weimar

Goethe House

A major testimony to the Classical Weimar period is provided by the famous house of Goethe where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived for almost 50 years. Due to conservation reasons, the number of visitors is limited who can visit the building which retains its original condition from the last few years of Goethe’s life. The Leonardo Hotel Weimar among other hotels Weimar is situated within walking distance.

Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Originally founded in Weimar was the world famous Bauhaus School of Architecture and Applied Arts. Today the Bauhaus Museum is one of the most comprehensive Bauhaus collections world-wide with about 500 exhibits. Works by Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten and Theodor Bogler among others are presented in the Bauhaus Museum of Weimar.

Weimar Town Castle & Weimar hotels

The grounds of the baroque castle of Weimar were completed in 1913. Several works by Cranach, Dürer and contemporaries, major works of art from the neo-classicism period, German romanticism and works by French impressionism are represented in the Town Castle of Weimar nowadays. The Leonardo Hotel Weimar among hotels Weimar is located within 1.5 km to the castle.

Biking Tours in Weimar

Enjoyment and relaxation at the heart of Goethe’s native city! Weimar with its famous bicycle tours within Thüringen offers an excellent starting position for your bicycle trip. In addition to its own bicycles the Leonardo Weimar hotel provides cycle maps and lunch packages to support your pleasant biking trip.

Christmas Market near the Hotels Weimar

Not far away from the Leonardo Weimar hotel during the Christmas time, visitors can discover a lot on the Weimar Christmas market: Merry-go-rounds, arts and crafts, Christmas decorations, candle sticks, mulled wine, Christmas fruit cake and much more.
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