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Leonardo Hotel Völklingen - Zimmer
Volklingen is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital Saarbrucken. Leonardo Hotel Völklingen Saarbrucken as one of the few Saarbrucken hotels region offers services for business visitors, academic travelers and leisure tourists, who come to enjoy the remarkable natural beauty and heritage sites in the area. There is much to discover in Völklingen, such as the famous „Völklinger Hütte“ industrial heritage site, today a cultural centre. The hotel in Völklingen is located less than 10 km from Saarbrücken city centre and close to the Völklingen Train Station (Bahnhof Völklingen).

Discover Saarbrücken & Volklingen Saarbrucken Hotels

Shopping in Saarbrücken and in Völklingen

Walk through the charming alleyways around St. Johannes Market in Saarbrücken and visit the grand “Europa Galerie” shopping centre; or venture furthermore into Nauwieser Viertel near Rathausplatz for smaller boutiques and interesting shops. The Leonardo Hotel Völklingen-Saarbrücken is less than 10 minutes ride from the main shopping district of Saarbrücken. The hotel is also close to the CityPromenade between the Völklingen City Hall and the Bismarckstrasse, where many shops could be found. Fans of porcelain cannot miss a visit to the Villeroy & Boch Outlet, only 25 minutes north of the Völklingen-Saarbrücken Hotel.

Food and Drinks

The cuisine of the Saarland combines French and German influences and regional products, mostly potatoes and meat. Enjoy a meal consisting of regional wine (or cider, called Viez), Dibbelabbes (potato soufflé) or Hoorische (potato dumplings) and grilled meat prepared on the Schwenker. Enjoy top notch regional cuisine at the Vitruv Restaurant in Leonardo Hotel Saarbrucken.

Research and Industry near Volklingen & Saarbrucken Hotels

Saarbrücken was historically the heart of the German “Black Country”, coal producing region. Today, many centres of modern technology and industry are located near the Leonardo Hotel Volklingen Saarbrucken as well as other hotels in the Saarland region. The hotel is located only 20 minutes from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, DFKI), the University of the Saarland, the Frauenhofer Institute and the Max Planck Institute.

Visitors to the Ford Factory in Saarlouis can get there from Völklingen in 20 minutes as well. Other companies and institutions in the Saarland region near the hotel in Völklingen-Saarbrücken include IDS Scheer and SAP. In addition, Völklingen and Saarbrücken are located only an hour from Ramstein Air Base, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, and the headquarters of NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency) .

Airports near Saarbrücken & Völklingen Hotels

Völklingen is located conveniently not only very close to the Saarbrücken Airport, which offers around 20 daily flights to and from locations in Germany and the rest of Europe. The Leonardo Hotel Völklingen-Saarbrücken as a hotel in the Saarbrücken region is also about an hour drive from the Luxembourg International Airport in Findel and is also conveniently located close to the Frankfurt International Airport and the Strasbourg Airport.


Sightseeing in Volklingen-Saarbrucken

The Völklingen Ironworks (Völklinger Hütte) UNESCO World Heritage Site

The former Ironworks are located near the Volklingen Train station, not far from the Leonardo Hotel Saarbrucken and are considered UNESCO World Heritage Site, memorial to the region’s industrial tradition. The massive ironworks now serve as a European Centre for Arts and Industrial Culture – a complex that preserves the fascinating past.

The Saarschleife (Saar River Loop) and Active Holiday in Volklingen-Saarbrucken

The Saar River defines the Saarland and one of the most beautiful spots for hiking or for bike tours in the Saar Region, is the Saarschleife, the loop of the Saar River, located only 45 km from Leonardo Hotels Saarbrucken. Take a ferry or a boat tour on the river from the Saarschleife and enjoy the natural beauty around Völklingen-Saarbrücken and explore the ruins of the Montclair Castle near the Saarschleife.

Other nature attractions in the Saarland are the Saarland Hiking Trail (Saarland-Rundwanderweg) and the Warndt forest. The Clypso Water Park offers wet fun for the whole family!

Ludwigskirche in Saarbrucken Hotels

Ludwigskirche (Ludwig Church) is considered to be one of the most important Protestant Churches in Germany, near the Frauenkirche in Dresden and the Michelkirche in Hamburg. It was built in the late 18th century by Price Louis of Nassau-Saarbrücken (Ludwig in German) in lavish Baroque style. The church was rebuilt after World War II destruction and is located south of the Saar River in Saarbrücken, about 10 minutes ride from Hotel Leonardo Saarbrucken.
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