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Karlsruhe can be considered as a “new” city in Germany – it has been meticulously planned and designed around the Karlsruhe Palace in 1715. Due to this fact, Karlsruhe maintains a fine Baroque city centre and a fan-like shape, in which nature and city life harmonise. Because of the design of the city, Karlsruhe hotels provide easy access to the main destinations inside and outside the city. Guests staying in Karlsruhe hotels can enjoy the unique ambiance of the city, as well as its various touristic sites.

Visit Karlsruhe & stay at the Leonardo Hotel Karlsruhe

Getting to Karlsruhe by Train or Plane

Karlsruhe is easily accessible by Deutsche Bahn and the Leonardo Hotel in Karlsruhe is located only 5 minutes walk from the Central Train Station of the city. Those preferring to reach the city by airplane can use the Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (Baden Airpark), located only 40 km south of the city. Visitors can enjoy the convenience of transportation from the airport to the city center and to various Karlsruhe hotels.

Doing Business in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe hosts two of the most important companies of the country: dm, one of the Germany’s largest drugstore chains and Siemens that set one of its biggest factories here. The Karlsruhe Congress Centre is conveniently located straight in the city centre, less than 10 minutes walk from many Karlsruhe hotels and served by the Kongresshalle train station. The Congress Centre and the dm arena host several annual international events.

Shopping in Karlsruhe

Like everything else in Karlsruhe, including Karlsruhe hotels, the main shopping streets and shopping centres are located on streets spreading from the palace to the city, the centre of the “fan”. The two main shopping streets: Karlstrasse and Kaiserstrasse, are located between the Karlsruhe main train station and the Palace. The shopping mall ECE "Ettlinger Tor" where the customer is obviously the king offers more than 50 shops and gatronomical facilities.

Cuisine of Karlsruhe & Karlsruhe Hotels

Karlsruhe enjoys the largest number of sunny days in Germany. Not only visitors and locals can delight in this beautiful weather also wine makers. Visitors staying in Karlsruhe hotels can therefore taste dozens of different types of local wine. The main course next to the wine can be the Schäufele, pork shoulder in spices or many other types of roast. Vegetarians can feast on the great variety of several typical dishes without meat – such as the Maultaschen, filled with mushrooms, Spätzle noodle, and potatoes with Bibbeliskäs (white cheese).

Sightseeing near the Leonardo Hotels in Karlsruhe

Schloss Karlsruhe

The “Schloss” (Palace) of Karlsruhe was built in 1715 by Margrave Charles III William of Baden-Durlach and served the rulers of the area until 1918. The building, which is surrounded by gardens and planned as the centre of Karlsruhe, is being used today the State Museum of Baden.

Germany’s Federal Courts

Karlsruhe is Germany’s “Capital of Justice” with two major Federal Courts located in it: the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) and the Bundesgerichthof (Federal Higher Court), both within a walking distance from the Hotel in Karlsruhe.

The ZKM – Center for Art and Media

The ZKM – Center for Art and Media Two museums, as well as cultural and media research institute, are located in the ZKM of Karlruhe, south-west of the Palace. The ZKM hosts several exhibitions every year, as well as special events and new media installations.
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