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Aachen is one of Germany’s most prestigious centres of research and development and is ideally located in the area where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. Visitors may notice that public areas, as well as hotels in Aachen, include influences and cultural facets from all three countries. Next to impressive historical monuments, Aachen is also the city of the future, with several companies concentrating in the city – including the Lambertz Group, Generali Insurance and Ford Research Centre. The RWTH University of Aachen features leading research facilities. Aachen is also an important sports centre, hosting some of the world’s most important equestrian events taking place in the city near the Tivoli. In terms of accommodation and hotels, Aachen offers a great starting point for nature exploration, scientific discovery and successful business dealings in Germany and Benelux. As in all the Leonardo chain hotels, Aachen affiliates offer visitors a hospitable, pampering lodging experience.

Discover Aachen & the Leonardo Hotel Aachen

Transportation to Aachen and the Maastricht-Aachen Airport

For the benefit of Aachen residents, as well as all tourists staying in hotels, Aachen is well connected to various means of transportation. The Thalys train from Brussels, Liege and Paris as well as ICE trains go through Aachen. The city of Aachen is also located right on the Bundesautobahn 4, providing easy access by car. The Maastricht-Aachen Airport is located about 40 km from Aachen city centre. Other nearby Airports are the Dusseldorf International Airport and the Cologne-Bonn Airport.

Research and Industry

Aachen is a global centre of research, industry and innovation, with numerous factories and research centres in the city. The Universitätsklinikum Aachen is the largest hospital in Europe and the RWTH University (full name: Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen) next to it is one of Germany’s leading schools of engineering, science and medicine. Many industrial and commercial sites in northern Aachen are within a few minutes from various hotels in Aachen, including Zentis, Lindt & Sprüngli as well as Ford Research Centre Aachen and the university.

Sport in Aachen & Hotels in Aachen

The Sportpark Soers is a large sport ground which includes the show jumping stadium, the Tivoli stadium (home of TSV Alemannia Aachen), an ice-skating rink, and many other facilities for sports lovers. The hotels in Aachen located near the Sportpark Soers are especially convenient for sport fans and athletes alike.


The Old City of Aachen features some of the most romantic pedestrian shopping streets, including the known Adalbertstraße and Krämerstraße near the Aachen Cathedral. They offer many small boutiques and unique shops. Various hotels in Aachen are located in the Old City, for optimal accessibility.

Sightseeing near the Leonardo Hotel Aachen

The Carnival of Aachen

The traditional Carnival of Aachen takes place every year between mid-February and early March (exactly 48 days before Easter Sunday). The streets of Aachen will be then crowded with costumes, clowns, and of course, lots of laughter.

The Aachen Cathedral

The most famous site of the city is arguably the Aachen Cathedral. Built by Charlemagne himself, and this is also the place where he was buried. Between 936 and 1531, no less than 30 Kings and Holy Roman Emperors were crowned in the Cathedral.

Carolus Thermen and Stadtpark Aachen

Carolus Thermen and Stadtpark Though visitors can find therapeutic and relaxing facilities within various hotels, Aachen offers the Carolus Thermen, a large wellness area near the Stadtpark; the Thermen, conveniently located just south of the Sportspark, include thermal baths, saunas, spa and therapeutic treatments. The nearby park offers complete relaxation and features also sports facilities for a training or a short work-out.

Cuisine of Aachen & Aachen Hotels

As a city close to the border between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, Aachen’s cuisine merges the culinary traditions of these three countries. Visitors to Aachen must definitely save some room for dessert: Aachen is famous for the “Printe”, a spiced biscuit available in many local variations. Furthermore, the famous cookies and chocolate manufacturers of Lambertz and Lindt, both have factory stores in Aachen.

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