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Here you can find more info about your stay and rules to follow for a safe stay at Leonardo Hotels during the management of COVID-19:

  • Leonardo Guests
  • Leonardo Employees 
  • Leonardo Hotels Common Area
  • Restaurant Regulations
  • Gym and spa facilities regulations
  • Sources

Leonardo Guests

1. Is it safe to come to one of the Leonardo Hotels?

At Leonardo Hotels, your safety comes first.

We are adopting the World Health Organization (WHO) standard recommendations and following the authority’s regulations to reduce exposure to and transmission of a range of illnesses which include hand and respiratory hygiene, and safe food practices.

2. Which rules should I follow during my stay?

As a guest at one of the Leonardo Hotels, you might be asked to follow and observe the general hygiene measures requested by the local authority and the WHO to prevent any risks.

These include:

  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Coughing and sneezing in the crook of your arm if needed
  • Using a face mask in common areas whenever the local regulations require it
  • Keeping an acceptable social distance of at least 1,5m within other guests and hotel staff
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness

3. When should I not come to the hotel?

If you're experiencing some symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been in contact with a positive case, it is nor safe to travel. As a rule of thumb, if you are feeling unwell, it may be something to consider before arriving at the hotel and checking-in, to do your part and keep everyone safe and protected. Consult your doctor and/or adopt extra protection.

4. With whom am I allowed to travel to Leonardo Hotels?

You are looking forward to welcoming guests such as single travellers, members of the same household, and work colleagues, friends or business partners keeping the correct regulated distance among each other and staying in different rooms. Please refer to each country’s permissions in terms of leisure and touristic purposes as it might be temporarily not allowed.

5. I am travelling from a highly affected region. Will the hotel deny my check-in?

This depends on each country’s regulations since Leonardo Hotels is in no position to check or assume where you come from, while this check will be effectively done either at the airport or the borders of each country. Please always observe the local directives for travel and hotel stay before booking and coming to the hotel. Additionally, we recommend following our general suggestions of behavior and booking a cancellable rate for flexible, risk-free changes in your reservation.

6. I have checked-in but I felt sick, what should I do?

Guests with symptoms of illness will be asked to stay in their rooms and call a doctor via the reception desk. All local protocols in case of this scenario will be observed by the staff.

Leonardo Employees

1. What are the actions taken by Leonardo Hotels’ employees to minimize the risks?

Here at Leonardo Hotels we strictly follow the local health organisations to ensure that we always follow the guidelines and rules in cleaning and hotel management according to the latest dispositions.

2. What are the precautions taken by the hotel and employees to protect themselves?

Leonardo Hotels train thoroughly each and every employee in important matters such as infection control measures, protection and hygiene regulations. Our staff is also prepared for possible emergency scenarios.

3. Are employees using face masks and gloves?

According to the local health regulations, our staff is attaining to the current rules and wearing in most of the departments face masks and gloves and maintaining a distance of at least 1.5m.

At the reception, additionally, you will be greeted by some new measures such as a separation panel at the check-in desk. Thanks to this extra precaution, the staff might also wear no mask behind the glass and be able to greet you with the usual smile.

Leonardo Hotels Common Areas

1. Is a face mask mandatory in the common spaces such as at the reception, lounge, bar?

A face mask is mandatory only if requested by the local authorities, while the general rule of keeping at least 1,5 or better 2 meters distance among people is always recommended and enforced, especially in our common areas.

2. What are the increased measures in the common areas of the hotels?
We want to secure the safety of our guests by:

  • A precise focus on hand hygiene
  • An increased protocol for cleaning the common areas
  • Increased disinfection of door handles, hotel card and keys, elevator buttons, and door windows with anti-bacterial and anti-viral products
  • Offering disinfection spray at the hotel entrance
  • Providing face masks, disposable gloves and sanitizers on request at the check-in
  • Providing information by WHO and local authorities, available to read in each common areas
  • Allowing cash-free payments

3. Is there a risk of infection with the coronavirus via imported food or objects?

To this day, the German health institution Robert-Koch Institute has no records of any infections caused by imported objects or food. We recommend following the general rules of hygiene such as to prevent touching face, eyes and mouth, to keep your hands clean as described on page 2.

4. What is the distance to keep with other guests?

We ask you to follow the local regulation and maintain in the common areas a distance of 1,5 to 2 meters with other guests and staff.

5. Am I allowed to interact with the Leonardo employees and how?

Of course you are! Leonardo Hotels staff is always there for you, just keep in kind consideration the recommended minimum distance to maintain.

Restaurant Regulations

1. Is there a risk of infection while consuming food at Leonardo Hotels?

At present, according to WHO, it is unlikely that the Coronavirus can be transmitted through the consumption of food when the hygiene practices and the social distancing measures are followed

2. What are the regulations followed by the Leonardo Hotels staff in the food business?

All our employees handling food in the kitchen and restaurant/bar areas are strictly following personal hygiene practices and protocols such as:

  • proper hand hygiene
  • cough/cold hygiene practices
  • safe food practices
  • avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing
  • and sneezing
  • not coming to work if feeling ill

Gym and Spa Facilities Regulations 

1. Can I use the gym or spa of Leonardo Hotels?

At present, we are following each country’s regulations and are keeping the gym, spa and leisure areas closed to the public. Every new instruction made by each country’s government will be followed thoroughly.

2. How can I use the gym in safety, whenever allowed?

The distance of 1,5 m will have to be assured, with a max. amount of people to be respected, depending on the size of the gym. There will also be disinfection spray available for guests and equipment and an increased time of cleaning the area.

3. Will the spa be open for the guests?

At the moment, we are not allowed to open the spa, if this will be changed, the same rule such as number limitation, distance and hygiene rules of the gym will apply.