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 Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen - Exterior
Vibrant and cosmopolitan, yet amiable and down to earth. Antwerp has it all: architecture, shops, monuments, music, bars, and restaurants, among others. It is the most important global center for diamonds. There are many places to see in this port city, like the Rubenshuis, the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, and other rich “must see” places. Looking at Antwerp hotels, the Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen is very well located, being quite close to the central station and some of the important landmarks and enables a very good starting point to discover Antwerp. Bike rentals are located close to the Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen which allows to discover Antwerp and its surroundings by a comfortable ride. Enjoy Antwerp and Leonardo Hotels in Antwerp and stay with Leonardo Hotels in Antwerpen as the most central located hotel of Antwerp Hotels.

Discover Antwerp & Hotels Antwerpen

Shopping & Antwerp Hotels

Antwerp is a great city for shopping lovers. In its streets large chain stores are located as well as designer or second hand shops. These are either located in the pedestrian quarters or in pleasant shopping malls. Among hotels Antwerpen, quite close to the shopping districts, the Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen is located, just few minutes away from a great shopping day.

Antwerp’s Cuisine

Since the 16th century as a port city, Antwerp has been in contact with different foods and spices from all over the world. It is possible to find either trendy exotic dishes in the city market or French specialities, served by the majority of the restaurants within the city. It is quite easy to find other European specialities beside a plenty of bars, where visitors enjoy cocktails or one of the local beers.

Airport Antwerp & Hotels Antwerpen

A small airport, yet an effective and practical one. Check in is only 20 minutes before the flight, there’s a free parking area and it is accessible by car, train or bus. From all the Antwerp Hotels, the Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen is just an 11 minute drive away. Due to its proximity to the public transport the airport is also easily accessible by other transport possibilities.

World Center for Diamonds

Being the most important global center of diamonds and an important player since the 15th century, Antwerp has many places related with this luxury industry like the 4 diamond stock exchanges and about 1500 diamond related companies.

Sightseeing & Hotels Antwerpen

The Rubenshuis

The Rubenshuis which was built in the 17th century was the home and studio of Peter Paul Rubens. Since 1946 it is a museum which shows some of Rubens paintings, 17th century furniture and artworks by other painters. When looking at central hotels in Antwerpen, the Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen is quite close to this museum, just a 20 minute walk away.

Fashion Museum

Diamonds and architecture are not the only things Antwerp has to offer. It is also a famous fashion center. The Fashion Museum is only 6 years old, but it has already exposed important collections. The location itself is a work of art, a renovated historical building in the heart of Antwerp

Modern Art Museum (Muhka) & Antwerp Hotels

This contemporary art museum offers its visitor a permanent contemporary art collection, an art house and a huge library besides cinema and some temporary exhibitions. Leonardo Hotels in Antwerp is located just 2 km away from the museum, compared other hotels Antwerpen, it is the most central located hotel of Antwerp in front of the main station and offers its guests an ideal starting point to explore the city.


The MAS unites collections previously shown in a number of Antwerp's former museums. Furthermore, it hosts the Paul en Dora Janssen-Arts collection of Pre-Columbian art. But it also looks beyond the walls of the museum to the city and the world outside. The MAS has the largest collection of dockside cranes in the world and supports and works with big and small heritage communities all over the city.
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