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Belgium is a rich mixture of dark and creamy chocolates, bubbling beer, oil paintings and architecture that together, shed a light fragrance of bourgeoisie. Mix these characteristics and you will find a country whose population is an artificial product, with two-thirds of its residents of German-Flemish origin and the rest originating from Kilt-Latin and Wallonia. The overall mood in Belgium is infectious, inviting to live as Belgians and enjoy the life. The professionalism and graciousness of the Belgium hotels staff will make to feel at home.

There is more history, art, architecture, high quality cuisine and hospitable Belgium hotels per square meter than many of the larger and more vocal neighboring countries.

The location of the country is very attractive for visitors touring in this area of Europe as Belgium is "squeezed" between Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and France. The area in the North, called "Low Belgium", is made up of vast plains crisscrossed by a network of canals and boasts 65 kilometers of North Sea shore. The south is dominated by the picturesque Ardanian Mountains. The weather is relatively comfortable but the extremely hot months of July and August are also the rainiest. Discover the Belgium hotels of the Leonardo Hotels and enjoy a comfortable stay in Belgium.

Transportation in Belgium

In Belgium, it is easy and cheap to get from place to place. This may compensate prices for accommodations in the Belgium hotels and the difficulty in finding a vacancy. Although there are an abundance of busses and it is easy to rent a car, but the primary means of transport is the efficient train network. The intercity trains are the fastest in addition to the interregional and the local trains. In the far-flung areas, busses fill the gaps. In Brussels and Antwerp effective systems of public transportation such as the tramcar and a small Metro network are available as well as Taxis on the train stations. Bicycle riding is very popular in the north flat region and it is possible to rent a bicycle at the train stations - many roads have a separate path for bicycles. An alternative to Belgium hotels is a rental houseboat - cruise along and explore the many rivers and canals! There are many fascinating and historical cities to tour during the day and a great choice of Belgium hotels for a refreshing stay.

Antwerp hotels

Antwerp's (in Flemish- Antwerpen, in French- Anvers) name brings groans from every beginning artist who dreams of becoming a Ruebens. It is a compact city with a rich history and, unjustifiably, it is perhaps the least appreciated city in Belgium. Antwerp lays between the river Schelde and the Ring Road, which is built on a moat from the 16th century created in order to prevent the Spanish invaders from entering the city. 

Bruges hotels

Bruges (in Flemish – Brugge), established in the 13th century, is the most heavily toured city in Europe. It has been beautifully preserved since the Middle Ages and is blessed with two main plazas, the "Markt" and the "Burg". The most fascinating art exhibitions in Belgium can be viewed in Bruges. To enjoy the spectacular view from above the city, climb the 366 stairs of the center fort, the Belfort. Bruges is a good place to end a day of touring and enjoy the night life of the city and rejuvenate with a good nights sleep at one of the inviting Bruges hotels in the city.

Charleroi hotels

Charleroi is the largest city and municipality of Wallonia and is called the capital of the Black Country, "Pays Noir", because of its coal industry. The city is also known for its publishing industry, the most famous is Dupuis; the main publishers of "Franco-Belgian Comics". The must sights in Charleroi are the Belfry, the "Maison Doree" and the museums of fine arts, glass and photography. Nice pubs are available to forget your worries before heading off to the dreamland at any of the nearby Belgium hotels!

Wavre hotels

This is the capital city of the Walloon Brabant province in Belgium. Wavre is also called "the City of the Maca" because of the statue of the little boy trying to climb the wall of the city hall. The tradition says that touching the Maca's cute little bottom will bring you a year of good luck. Among the sights in Wavre is the Gothic style church, the city hall and the Walibi amusement park.

As small country, Belgium and its destinations offer a lot. This makes Belgium a must when traveling through Europe since there is so much you can see without wasting hours on transport. Discover the wonderful Belgium hotels and stay in one of the Leonardo Belgium hotels! The Leonardo Hotels will be your ideal partner for any accommodation in Belgium.