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Press Release: Leonardo Hotels – Direct Connect Solution with HRS

Berlin/Cologne, 15. January, 2011– Leonardo Hotels (www.leonardo-hotels.com) announced today it has finished the development and implementation of a new and powerful direct connect solution with the biggest German hospitality website, HRS, through its PMS partner Optima. Leonardo Hotels is the first mid-size hotel chain to develop and have direct interface with the new HRS direct connect solution.

“The advanced distribution solution will provide the hotels the possibility to update instantly rates, inventory and restrictions to the site, as well as receive all reservations automatically to the Optima PMS which will reduce labour costs in exchange. Leonardo Hotels is the first mid-size hotel chain which developed such a solution of connection together with HRS.

Commenting on the development, Daniel Roger, CEO of Leonardo Hotels, has described: “I am very happy and proud to announce this new connectivity solution which joins other technological advancements we are focusing on. Leonardo Hotels proves again that its strategical focus on technology and technological advancements is proving valuable both to our owners and customers alike. We already see great extended results within the few months that the solution is working, and we are sure this will strengthen even more our business relationship with HRS, as well as provide better operating results to our hotels.”

“We are very pleased with the direct connect to Leonardo Hotels through Optima as it represents our first PMS interface. HRS is focused to optimize the distribution cost within the electronic distribution value chain and this direct interface compliments this strategy as it represents a further decrease in distribution costs for Leonardo Hotels” says Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS.

Leonardo Hotels
Leonardo Hotels is the European division of Fattal Hotels, founded in 1997 by David Fattal. The company currently operates over 60 hotels in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Israel, with other attractive European sites to be added soon. All over, Leonardo Hotels are synonymous with excellent hotels in attractive destinations offering features such as city centre or airport proximity.

The innovation and advancement in the technology strategy by the development and integration of a powerful two-way interface as a directly connected distribution solution allow Leonardo Hotels the direct circulation of rates and availabilities to the largest online providers. This solution allows the seamless integration and assures rate parity, accurate availability, and thereby the optimal results for cementing strong relationships with our suppliers on the one side and clients from the other, while reducing labour costs to minimum.

HRS - Europe’s leading hotel portal
HRS operates a global hotel portal for private and business travellers, offering accommodation at more than 250,000 hotels in all categories in 180 different countries. As an innovative pioneer, HRS also sets the standard for the sector in the realm of mobile devices. Founded in 1972, the company has offices in Shanghai, London, Paris, Warsaw, Rome, Istanbul and Moscow.

For more details about Leonardo Hotels or the distribution solutions please contact revenue@leonardo-hotels.com or visit the website www.leonardo-hotels.com. For more details about HRS - please visit www.hrs.com.

Press Contact:
Leonardo Hotels, Hardenbergstrasse 12, 10623 Berlin
Julia Biss, Tel.: +49 151 151 29 460, Email: j.biss@leonardo-hotels.com
Sandra Dreher, Tel.:+ 49 (30) 68 83 22 303, Email: s.dreher@leonardo-hotels.com